How to apply for the Beck Student Support Fund

Barry F. Beck Sinkhole Conference Student Support Fund

The Barry F. Beck Sinkhole Conference Student Support Fund (Beck Student Support Fund) is a competitive grant awarded to one or more students who presents the results of their research at the Sinkhole Conference. The award was inaugurated in 2013 in memory of the late Dr. Barry Beck, a pioneer in the scientific study of sinkholes who founded the Sinkhole Conference series, and who died in 2011. At least one Beck Student Support Fund will be awarded for each conference. Additional student support funds may be awarded if funded from donors for the conference (click here if you are interested in sponsoring a student support fund)

 Beck Student Support Fund recipients receive:

         1. One free Sinkhole Conference registration.

        2.  One free registration to a field trip and short course (pending space availability). 

        3. An award certificate. 

        4. Recognition through name badge ribbon, mention in the Sinkhole Conference program and website, and announcements at the opening ceremony and banquet. 

        5. Reimbursement for up to $1000 of personal individual travel, food, and lodging expenses associated with attending the Sinkhole Conference. 

 To apply for the Beck Student Support Fund you must:

         1. be a graduate or undergraduate student at an academic institution at the time of application; 

         2. present your research at the Sinkhole Conference (see abstract and paper submission requirements); 

         3. submit a 500-word maximum statement describing career biography and interests; 

        4. provide a photograph for promotional use if the applicant receives the scholarship; 

        5. arrange for two letters of reference (one from the your advisor, if a graduate student, or at least one from a faculty member if an undergraduate), and the letter from the advisor or faculty member must confirm the student is currently enrolled at the stated institution; 

        6. submit a completed application form. You can complete this APPLICATION FORM here.

 All information (application form, abstract, and letters of reference) must be received by the Beck Student Support Fund Committee by a deadline of October 28, 2022. The Student Support Fund recipient(s) will be notified by February 1, 2023.