Beck Scholarship Silent Auction

The 15th Sinkhole Conference will host the second silent auction to raise funds for the following year's Beck Scholarship recipients. During the 14th Conference you helped raise over $1,700 to continue the legacy of Barry Beck. Those and other donations give students the opportunity to learn more about karst environments and to interact with karst scientists by reducing or eliminating cost barriers so they can attend this 15th Conference. We look forward to raising even more money this year.

Please consider donating an auction item. Auction items can be donated by anyone willing to participate. Conference themed items (cave and karst related books, postcards, memorabilia, bat houses, etc.) are a great starting point. However, items need not be conference or karst related (art work, fossils, caving gear, etc.).  If you have an item to donate or would like more information, please contact Calvin Alexander at