Housing and Meals

The National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) has set aside 150 rooms for our use. All rooms are clean, comfortable, smoke-free, and with WIFI and other amenities. They are within easy walking distance of all conference activities. Lodging at NCTC includes three meals, for a combined price of $152/person/day, which is best price you’ll likely find in the area. For more information and to reserve a room, visit https://training.fws.gov/campus/lodging.html. Be aware that this price is tied to federal rates and may change. You must be registered with The Sinkhole Conference before you reserve your room (contact NCTC at least one week after registering for The Sinkhole Conference, to allow conference staff time to process your registration and notify NCTC). When you contact NCTC to reserve your room, tell them you are with The Sinkhole Conference. 


Sinkhole Conference participants who do not stay at NCTC, and register for the conference by 23 February 2018, are guaranteed lunch at a price of $12 (prices subject to change) if they wish to eat there. Lunch may not be available for people who register after that date. Inquire when you arrive at the conference for updates. General information about meals and other facilities at NCTC are available at https://training.fws.gov/campus/facilities.html#Lodging.